Through care farming we at Brynmawr aim for individuals to realise their full potential, whatever disadvantages life has thrown at them. We believe that engaging with and caring for animals, tending to plants and vegetables and performing simple productive tasks can help an individual to address their emotional, social and educational needs, growing and learning through farm activities.

This applies to all children and adults, whether they have mental health issues, difficulty remaining in a school or other life problems. Older children and adults will also gain from basic work experience and all will develop some practical skills.

We offer:
Animal husbandry, particularly handling sheep,and caring for the chickens and cattle.Vegetable and fruit production. Preparing for and helping at farmers markets. Simple machine maintenance and tractor driving. Also old fashion skills such as stonewalling and hedgelaying. These are examples of just some of many  farm activities.

We aim to provide consistency  and confidence by: Building a positive attitude to learning.Ensuring regular visiits. Building confidence and rapport with the same animals. Learning  with regular tasks but adding to them at every visit and be non threatening and non judgemental.

We encourage  users to see the benefits of their efforts, giving confidence and self worth as well as  providing skills and experience.


Through animal activities we also aim to show

How to act around animals and learn what the likely outcome of their behaviour will be. If they are calm the animal will be calm, if they shout the animal will be afraid. How to identify the basic needs of our animals, how to handle an animal, learning appropriate touch and voice, how different animals move according to their size and habitat and so the individual also becomes more aware of their own co-ordination and movement. We show the importance of hygiene and how this relates to health of themselves and the animals and the need for a routine, becoming aware of routines for feeding, sleeping, exercise and resting. We show the life cycle of animals, and the relationship between the environments, habitats and animals and ultinmately our food. This is done through ‘doing’. Our users are Caring rather than being cared for themselves. 


Through horticultural activities we aim to show:

The lifecycle of plants, what conditions are needed to encourage plants to grow, what needs to be done to encourage growth, show  how the plant produce food for themselves, the importance of hygiene and how this relates to health, and show how food is prepared for market and how it is retailed. This shows how  that through their care they can feed themselves and the world.

Through simple machine and farm maintenance such as fencing, hedging and pond maintenance:

The visitor begins to understand  why the maintenance is needed, how tools are a necessary for food production, how ‘old fashion’ skills are important for the farm  and habitat maintenance.

Through all these activities they develop  their practical skills, responsibility, communication, self esteem and how through their  own skills, labour and abilities they can help support the farm, nature and the environment.

To create a programme to suite each individual or group please Contact Us.